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Goodbye, Donna Flora…

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Goodbye, Donna Flora...
I don’t know what will I do now, without her…
Ever since I learned about her, it was her creations that I always used… had a crazy dream to buy them all eventually… to progress through the years with her creations, and become her most devoted fan…
And now she is gone… and I know that I never appreciated her enough.
I may have never knew her as a person, but that beauty which she was making, was like a piece of her soul that she was sharing with us. And I know her soul is beautiful.
Oh why did she never upload her creations to marketplace… That way a piece of her could have stayed with us Second Life users forever. And now how long will it be when her store disappears and all she accomplished here will become a thing of the past… I can only pray for a miracle that somehow someone may make it true… and for as long as SL is there, Donna Flora will not be forgotten.
I wish that she will never be forgotten, all that she did for us, those SL users who knew of her before it was too late…
Let us not forget her!


Written by Bell Lectar

September 13, 2013 at 10:23

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