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Angel Dessous August group gift

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Hi all, sorry for the long absense! A lot of stuff happened and I didn’t have time for internet for a while. From now on I would like to blog much more to compensate 😉
Angel Dessous August group gift
It seems many bog feeds have canceled me, so I’ll have to rejoin them all again. But I love blogging so much, I’d be willing to even restart everything from scratch if need be. This ability to take several items from talented SL creators and attempt to combine their talent into a few pictures, to me is like magic. My favorite thing about SL is this dress doll-like feature. ❤
Angel Dessous August group gift
Like displayed in these fresh pictures is group gift from Angel Dessous, a beautiful lingerie set of golden/beige cool color.
Angel Dessous August group gift
I wonder what happed in SL in the past few months that I missed. I bet there wre so many wonderful releases, even maybe even some viewer update. Like they seem to have done something to chat button, now it’s blinking constantly.
Angel Dessous group gift Caprice lingerie
Donna Flora Sunny jewelry set of necklace and earrings, Gloria watch, Eccentrica set of bracelet and ring
Pulse eyes
Jamman nails
[elikatira] Abbey hair (discountinued)
Artilleri Hibi hair flower
Paper Couture Pastel Pink Butterfly & Orange Floral pumps
WetCat poses
These screenshots are taken at Photography Studio Supplies.


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