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*Second Moon* Desert Desire

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*Second Moon* Desert Desire
This beautiful outfit of a gorean/harem theme is a recent release of *Second Moon*.
*Second Moon* Desert Desire
I think I’m in love with this gorgeous chained bra, it’s decorated so finely and delicately, and it’s contrasting so brightly against a tanned skin.
*Second Moon* Desert Desire
Also this is my first time wearing a dirty blonde hair. I used to feel distaste to this hair color, thought it was so grey and dull. And now I’m like, what was I thinking, it’s so gorgeous and sexy.
*Second Moon* Desert Desire


*Second Moon* Desert Desire outfit

Laqroki skin and cleavage ❤

Pulse eyes

Damselfly Hair Salon Lillith hair

SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet (prim) and Sculpted prim nails

Donna Flora Susy necklace and earrings, Magda hair jewel

These screenshots are taken at Photography Studio Supplies, place of many backgrounds and poses.


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