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Seldom Blue Christmas gift, try 2

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Because I noticed I forgot to adjust the skirt right on my last post, I felt the pictures didn’t do this dress justice.
Here is my another try to show how perfectly this dress sits on a curvacious shape.
Seldom Blue Christmas gift

Sigh, I guess iheartsl turned to hate me again.
For so many months it wouldn’t post my messages, or post them days later so it makes no sense.
And then it finally turned normal. My messages appeared there! I was so happy, at least someone will see me now so I’m not talking to myself.
And then I have to leave for a month.
And now it won’t post me again.
Entire month of messages people would actually see, wasted. Now I’m an invisible blogger, again.
I feel like I’m just reeeeealy unwelcome there, with this “speacial treatment” I’m receiving.

Does anybody else get their messages on ihearts delayed for days, like I do?
(pretends to hope for a reply)


Seldom Blue Chirtmas 2011 group gift Davina dress and gloves

Donna Flora Gala necklace and earrings and Gloria watch

Laqroki skin ❤

Pulse eyes

cheLLe mole hair

Juicy pumps in apple

This screenshot is taken at Photography Studio Supplies where you can find a lot of backgrounds and some poses to take beautiful pictures easily.


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