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*Second Moon* Mirror Cage

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*Second Moon* Mirror Cage
This beautiful outfit is *Second Moon*‘s latest creation, Mirror Cage.
*Second Moon* Mirror Cage
It comes in two sets and includes jewelry and a cape. The cape is so perfect for walking in it, it flies so beautifully behind your back following you.
*Second Moon* Mirror Cage
I think this is considered a gor clothing, I don’t know about the background, but I’ll wear it because it’s gorgeous.
*Second Moon* Mirror Cage
Also, this is my first time finally posting something as a black hair. Yay!


Everything – *Second Moon* Mirror Cage

Laqroki skin and hair ❤

Pulse eyes

SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet and Sculpted prim nails

Donna Flora earrings (which you can’t really see ;_; but they’re beautiful!)

This screenshot is taken at Photography Studio Supplies where you can find a lot of backgrounds and some poses to take beautiful pictures easily.


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