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Enjoying the sunset

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I haven’t been able to post so long because of a birthdays streak. This blogging thingie is becoming quite tiresome, so mane hours to spend everyday sorting all news and updates, Im wondering how have I been able to post pictures so often before. I may not be able to post as often now, but at least my pictures improved, I hope.
Enjoying the sunset
This beautiful lingerie from Blue Blood is supposedly goth clothing, but I think it looks very well on an ordinary avatar too.
Enjoying the sunset
The jewelry I wore with it is currently a subject to Moody Monday and can be purchased inexpensively at Addiction Jewelry.
Enjoying the sunset
The hair is a gift for Truth District group members. I rarely buy hair in fatpacks, so thanks to ths hair I’ve been able to try every color of Truth and I think I changed my hair color preferences. Does ths hair color look better than the one I used to wear before? I enjoy this warm strawberry color very much.


Blue Blood – Pinup Dolce lingerie

Addiction Jewelry – moody monday 55l jewelry set Charming Life Blue Ice Set

Laqroki – skin

Pulse – eyes

SLink – Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails

Truth District group gift hair Becky

Juicy classic pumps in black cherry

These screenshots are taken at Photography Studio Supplies.

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