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Sucky SL day

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So I coulnd’t log in for 3 days, and finally I do log in, feeling sad because I’m sure I have missed at least some subscriber messages.
But a pleasant surprise was awaiting me.
I did have about 15 or so messages sent to me, but the “Message delivery capped” notice wasn’t there.
Apparently I got just as much NCs as it takes before they exceed the message limits and I become unable to receive anymore.
I go glad – I was away for so long, and I didn’t miss anything!
But then it strikes.
With nothing to warn me about it, the SL viewer randomly quits on its own.
Desperately choosing to work with messages, discovering that I can still accept and discard whatever I was given, and acepting every single thing, I pray it wasn’t just an appearance and indeed mattered any.
Log back in and see it didn’t.
Having worried to miss any messages, logging in to se I didn’t miss any, and then instantly lose them all to a buggy viewer.
All the news and new releases and gifts, I lost everything I tried so hard to save.
Just when I planned to spend a few hours sortiing all that out. So now I have lost everything I planned to be busy with.
What do I do now?
And the funniest part, it would only get buggy and close when it mattered to me so it didn’t. Now I know the viewer will work perfectly when it doesn’t matter if it does anymore. That is, until I start doing something that needs me not to log out. Then it will start crashing every minute.

I’m just wondering how sour can the SL experience become before the good parts of SL don’t overweight anymore.
Is there anything you can do in SL that can’t get bugged and waste your efforts? Because if something bad is possible to happen, of course it will happen, no way around it.

And on the side note, I haven’t been online for several days and have got a lot of subscriber messages. That’s a good thing, it’s entirely possible that even if I was sent them they never reached me and I never learned they existed.
But the group notices, I didn’t get a single one. And I’m sure in reality I got plenty, I just need to spend the time checking every group manually one after another to get them all.
Long time ago, when I logged in, I used to receive lots of group notices.
And now, not a single one.
I’m starting to suspect the reason for that isn’t new bugs they invented and never fixed as I thought before, but actually a feature.
Group notices only reach you when you are online. You’re not supposed to receive any of them when you are offline. Basically, they are the same thing as a chat messages, they are just called diferently and can spread attachments.
That’s such a smart thinking on the Linden part.

Okay, now to spend several hours routinely checking every single group out of the ~40 I’m part of, so I know at least I don’t miss anything there too, can’t afford that.
Oh the fun playing Second Life gives you!


Written by Bell Lectar

May 27, 2011 at 07:56

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