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Cilian’gel group gift!

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Soon to disappear from group notices a beautiful purple ballgown gift from Cilian’gel.

Stuff worn:

outfit – Cilian’gel ‘Got Honeysuckle?’

earrings and bracelets – Alienbear Eostre

skin and hair – Laqroki

cleavage enhancer – Redgrave

teeth – LeLutka

nails – Slink

eyes – Shine

lashes – Mozz

hair flower – Reasonable Desires


My Second Life hates me.

I stay there for a couple hours, and get subscribo notices one after another after another after another.
Then I log out for two days, and guess what do I see when I log back in?
Not a single notice at all.
Not even one!

So many news I was subscribed for are never to reach me. Because that’s physically impossible to remember every place I subscribed and check them all every few days to know I didn’t miss anything.
Is this how it is for everybody else?
I can’t believe this.

Don’t vendor things work the same way as subscriber things?

1) I subscribed for something, subscribo-matic’s owner put a new notice into it, I was supposed to get it but I didn’t.

2) An item creator puts an item into a vendor, and then not a single person who tries to buy it gets their purchase.
And when they pay for it, not a single money transfer ever reaches the owner.

Don’t two of these things work the same way? So if I know I was sent a thousand notices and not a single one reached me, that means there is an uncountable number of people who buy something and NEVER get the purchase, and sellers who NEVER get the money?
I refuse to believe this!
Am I the only one hose Second Life is broken like this?
I haven’t yet ever failed to receive something I bought, but I receive my notices near to NEVER!
Why is it like this with me and how do I fix it? ;_;


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