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What was it?

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What was it?
I was at Curio, minding my own business, when without a warning, a swirl of rainbow-colored dots surrounded me and kept following me as if it was my attachment.
It is nothing I wear, for when it appeared, I was wearing no attachments except a script-free hair.
After a closer inspection, I noticed that beside the swirling lights, there was also a ray of blue dots leading somewhere.
Having followed the ray, I see that it’s pointing at a shoe that is another girl at Curio was wearing.
When I asked her about it, she stated she also sees lights around me, but denied that is anything of her doing, and showed clear lack of communicability, thus removing my suspect she is doing some sort of a prank.
Then she left, and blue ray disappeared, but the swirl of rainbow dots remained.
When I changed locations, the dots still haven’t disappeared, following me even when I teleported to a no-scripts zones.
It took relogging from Second Lif for lights to leave me alone.
So here comes the question,


Written by Bell Lectar

September 22, 2010 at 08:52

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