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Is this outfit a fug?

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One of my favorite outfits

Listing flickr pool of “what the fug” group for some laughts I caught a picture of a girl being laughed at for her “fugly” clothing.
The outfit in that picture happened to be one of my favorite outfits in second life, a freebie I found on my second day there, in a “freebie dungeon” kind of place.
A costume of a fairy made of gold and jewels.
This outfit also helped me find a shop of a very nice looking clothes by the same designer who made the freebie outfits.
So after seeing people agreeing that this outfit is “fug” about one bad picture, I decided to make a few nice ones to know that for sure!
So, after seeing these pictures, the question is:
One of my favorite outfits
One of my favorite outfits
One of my favorite outfits
Stuff worn:
outfit – Ronlicious Designs
skin – Curio GP Moonbeam [Dark] April-Pure 2
hair – Damselfly Lillith Bamboo
shoes – Juicy Classic tangerine
jewelry – Alienbear st. Patty group gift


Written by Bell Lectar

March 28, 2010 at 00:31

One Response

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  1. In the pictures, no. The outfit is great for the pictures and well lit.
    But if I saw someone walking around a store wearing it, I would probably giggle a little.
    There are a lot of outfits in second life that look good in a picture and in a certain setting or sim; but do not look good in ‘general public’.


    March 28, 2010 at 13:34

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