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Josephine’s Amandine

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Josephine's Amandine
Here is my walking gown for a 18th century rococo look, my favorite era in fashion history I collect a SL wardrobe of. A wonderful gown by Josephine Klees.
Josephine's Amandine
I think Josephine is an amazing designer for rococo gowns, she makes them with great creativity. She doesn’t make gowns by copying them from portraits and paintings, but rather makes her own designs that look like something which would definately be worn in 18th century.
If you try to purposely search for flaws, yes there are some little seams here and there and things are attached to weirdest points, so you will have to reattach them. But the designs themselves are so true and beautiful, the overall look of Josephine’s dresses is so good nothing can spoil it. I love her dresses so much I will get them all one day^_^
Josephine's Amandine
If you like to dress in 18th century rococo costumes, I think Josephine’s has the most true to life designs, but there are also other shops of same kind whose items are also very good for another reason. For instance, shop Ephemera Designs among many beautiful gowns also has accesories, such as these wonderful shoes.
Ephemera shoes

Things wearing:
skin – Curio GP Moonbeam [Light] April-Pure 2
wig – Curl Up and Dye ~ Melanie Icing
eyes – Shine Silent Lucidity Sky
dress and hat – Josephine’s Amandine
brooch – Ink Stain *G&S* Vintage Ivory Cameo Brooch
shoes – Ephemera Designs Baroque Court Shoe 7


Written by Bell Lectar

March 1, 2010 at 20:17

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