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ok, I don”t know what to do anymore.

At first, I noticed that my blog, along with entire wordpress, was banned to my connection.
I just shrugged it off, I can just use a proxy to do it.

But now I see, that proxy sites would also break all links, and replace them all with their own adress.
And I can’t even see it when they do it, because I can only open my blog via proxy, so all links are displayed changed to me by default.

So now it takes me hours after hours just to do a copy-paste job of making a new blog post, trying one proxy after another to find one that will work, only to discover 2 weeks later that I screwed up afterall, and all my effort was for nothing.
Not to mention that logging in using them is scary by itself, I can only hope nobody will want to steal by lousy little blog from me.

So can anyone make any advice to me, what should I do? Because right now I’m at a loss.
Of course nobody will see this, and those 2 random people who will, aren’t gonna care to reply.
But to me, this is a permanent situation at the moment, so even if after a long time somebody who can give advice will appear, please do it, I will wait until then.

Because I really love to blog and make pretty pictures, I would be very sad to give it up.

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Written by Bell Lectar

December 7, 2013 at 05:23

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  1. I saw this but I don’t know how to help :( Are you accessing from a home connection? If you are I would contact your ISP. It’s strange WordPress should be banned. I hope you get it solved!


    December 9, 2013 at 05:41

    • Thank you for replying.
      To explain it, I live in Russia, and we don’t really have a government, instead we get ruled by criminals in a system where each is covering up another’s crimes so noone gets punished by law. With the point of them not really being a ruling government but only pretending to be, with the purpose of splitting the national budget among themselves for stealing, and other adgantages power gives them.
      And one of things they did in this “stage show”, is a project to censor the internet.
      It all just about getting the money for it first, and also making it easier for themselves to close any anti government sites quickly. But they also decided to do the publicity of doing it “to protect the minors, and against terrorism too”, so to pretend to actually be doing anything, they made a list of forbidden sites and hosts, mostly chosen at random. And enforce it on russian internet providers, for them to forbid access to the sites listed.
      And the entire wordpress is in it, which is beyond ridiculous. It’s comparable to banning google and wikipedia.
      The entire thing only succeeds to help the listed sites lose some publicity, so they can’t be opened by majority, and that’s all. Anybody wishing can still access anything indirectly, using things like proxy and such.
      But how they simply wanted publicity, so they made a large ban list that’s actually CHOSEN AT RANDOM harming all kinds of good sites, and making it pain to open them, is just despicable. They also seem to have ruined my blogging for me :*(
      And the biggest thing, wordpress is a succesful business, isnt it? They do work on advancing themselves in non-english countries too, Russia included. At least they did, because this ban list happened more than a year ago already, and they still haven’t done anything to get themselves off it. What is the point of wasting money making their bisiness better known in another country, if for that country they basically don’t exist becase of the internet ban? They either have to do something to get them removed from the list, or drop the entire country completely, wasting all the money they already invested working there. And it is their business to get them off the list if they want it, nobody but themselves can really do it. Yet more than a year, and nothing. Can’t imagine sich a thing happen to some realy big company like google and such. Maybe wordpress isn’t even as successful as they seem, seeing how they either don’t mind losing business in an entire country, or maybe don’t even notice?

      Bell Lectar

      December 12, 2013 at 15:06

      • I was almost going to say something like “unless you live in China or Russia” in my original reply.

        WordPress are very big in terms of ‘blogging market share’ or however you would say it… but if they don’t have a big share of the market in Russia, maybe they feel it’s not worth getting involved.

        Is blogspot also banned? it might be worth investigating if you can export/import to blogspot/blogger, IF it’s allowed, and continue blogging on that platform instead.. They’re very similar to use. It’s owned by google so they would have more ‘clout’.


        December 14, 2013 at 17:06

      • But that’s the point WordPress ARE involved >…< they still have the russian sites, do news on them and updates, schedule live events! for a country they dont exist in :P
        but maybe they only do it for those who speak the language and dont actually live where its blocked now, that would be a pretty small quantity tho:P I haven’t checked them since then because its a torture to open it. So yeah, maybe they dont even exist here anymore now…
        Sorry for taking this long to answer after you actually commented, but opening it is really a torture… its like 50 proxy tries fail to open anything at all, 50 more will open the site but fail to login, 50 more will login but lose connection immedietly, 50 more will login but fail to click any menu at all, 50 more will do everything but dont allow to fill the text places, 50 will do everything but still disconnect before im done..
        sweat and blood goes to make anything on this site for me ^_^
        And I even tried every manual and guide to avoid the block, all browsers and settings, but still fail :(
        And in the last moment it will simply open with no tricks, but still stop before I finish.. then half a hour later it WP opens again, and lets me do everything freely… its like's it decided randomly whether it'll work or not.. so weird! So WP isn't blocked anymore, but simply refuses to work half the time? So weird!
        Maybe simply waiting til I catch the period it starts working will do the trick for me. So there is still some hope for me left to keep doing this.
        Thank you so much for being responding, I notice usually nobody makes blog comments unless it Gogo's, and all others are totally empty, and I never expected anybody will say something, and I may have given up at all then, so it's thanks to you too that I'm still enduring)) If 1 person out of 10 views replied, then it means there actually was something to lose if I just dropped, so now I'll try to stick around longer than otherwise, thank you very much))
        please excuse my sucky english

        Bell Lectar

        January 8, 2014 at 11:32

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